Freight Elevators

Expertise in heavy loads.

Whether service elevators in a hotel, industrial elevators with varying equipment or freight elevators in an explosion-proof design – ThyssenKrupp elevators enable you to move more. Wherever an efficient connection is requires in vertical transportation, ThyssenKrupp elevators provide the best possible solution.

Details, facts and informations

You can choose between traction and hydraulic drives
ThyssenKrupp freight elevators are fitted as standard with frequency-controlled drives.
The floor has a bonded covering and embossed, antislip coating. As an alternative, the floor can also be from stainless steel or Mipolam covering.
The steel plates forming the walls are extremely shock and distortion-proof. Wood, plastic or steel strips provide the car walls with additional protection.
The controls and light switches are embedded into the elevator car wall to provide extra protection from potential damage.

Especially freight elevators have to be "tailor made" solutions. We recommend to talk early in the planning process with our experienced advisors.